Insecure is hella real. Sunday night’s episode was all about the “Kiss n Grind.” Insecure is one of those shows that does an amazing job in accurately portraying people of color and what exactly we go through in this “situationship” era.  Major shout out to their show runner Prentice Penny for directing and Laura Kittrell for writing the funniest episode of Insecure to date. You both inspire me. Pause, can we just talk about the fashion choices made in the show. I am here for it all. Back to the episode, Issa, Kelli, and Molly head to the LA day party known as the “kiss n grind” and all types of messiness ensues. I thought I wasn’t going to see Daniel this season but he is back. Issa spots him through the crowd and decides to clear the air which just causes even more awkwardness. Let it be Issa. 

Once they arrive, they head to their section and the scene that follows is every black woman in the club that has a section. Can’t nobody sit in that bitch but the people who paid for it. Get the fuck on somewhere. Molly’s childhood friend Dro, played by Sarunas Jackson – with his fine ass – pops up at the party. It seems like nothing. They talk shit to each other, he scopes out men for her, pretty platonic right? That is, until they hit the dance floor. I mean, there’s just something about Juvenile’s “Slow Motion” that brings the freak out of everyone.

Once Dro puts his arm around Molly’s waist, the sexual tension got thick. Real quick. When Molly feels the tension she decides to call it quits. Tha’s when Dro drops a bomb. He lets Molly know that he and his wife Candice are open. Molly is clearly confused and in disbelief which leads to the perfect rebuttal. “You got married in a church.” Preach, baby. She sees Dro and Candice as relationship goals. You can’t deny tension though. Molly needs to talk to Candice first and I really hope she does. Who knows if he’s telling the truth. Mid – way through “kiss n grind,” Issa meets up with her tinder date Felix. Fuck him. No really, everything about his curve game was super whack. He picked Issa apart. From her voice all the way down to her hair.

We’ll come back to the party. Now, this negro better known as Lawrence is out here living life to the utmost fullest. He makes an illegal u-turn to get out of traffic, gets pulled over, and lives to talk about it. That alone, is a win in my book. He turned his music down and switched the station to classical. Hands on 10 and 2 and eyes straightforward. That is the story of Black America’s relationship with the police. Specifically, Black men in America. In the process of pulling out his license to give to the officer he unknowingly drops his debit card. He doesn’t notice he dropped it until he’s in line at the grocery store trying to pick up some beer.

The two white girls in line behind him decide to pick up the tab, I knew it was about to be some shit right there. White women do not just offer to buy drinks in the grocery store. The two white women find Lawrence in the parking lot and basically drop hints that they are trying to see what’s really good. Two white girls and one black man, only sounds like one thing to me, a threesome. All it took was for them to buy him $50.00 worth of alcohol and he dove right into the sunken place. Really, Lawrence?

Its not necessarily the fact that it was a threesome, it was the reason for the threesome. They could give a damn if Lawrence was a good dude or not. All they cared about was the stereotype. When Lawrence and the brunette finish together, her blonde friend climbs on top hoping to get a piece for herself. Unfortunately, Lawrence was empty. Once Lawrence finally realizes why he was really there he didn’t feel the best. In fact, I think he felt used. I hope he felt used. He clearly starts questioning his decision. Which is probably why he ends the episode sitting in front of he and Issa’s own apartment. Insecure writers are so great at making this show so relatable.

Issa, Molly, and Kelli eat at Roscoe’s with half of the people that were at the party and some dude Kelli met to end the episode. Kelli is one of my favorite characters on this show. I love her. She’s that friend that says everything you’re thinking. Even the freaky stuff. No, especially the freaky stuff. She makes you want to cover your face and pretend you don’t know her sometimes but she is so necessary. Molly is trying to curve Dro’s advances to the best of her abilites. All of a sudden, Kelli goes quiet. She is being fingered under the table and it is absolutely hilarious. Issa notices this and luckily for her, Daniel notices too. He sends Issa a text to let her know that he is in tune with what is taking place. When they share a laugh Issa moves to go sit with him.

Let me just say this, major kudos to Insecure for introducing so many new themes and directions to this episode. I loved every minute of it. It provided comedic relief that didn’t come off typical or cheesy. Although it was subtle, and very well written. All in all, amazing.


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