Shout out to momma Oprah for showcasing Black love.

At 10pm on August 29, 2017, Oprah Winfrey made history. She decided to air a documentary on Black love. The one type of love that doesn’t get the proper attention or respect that it deserves. Shout out to our godmother Oprah, we must protect her at all costs.

Black Love taught me that all hope isn’t lost for me in this life. To see these couples talk about their trials and tribulations gives clear proof that marriage isn’t meant to be perfect. Its meant for you to have a partner and a supporter through all the bullshit that you face everyday. For me, as a Black woman, to hear these women talk about how they dealt with their husband’s advances and what it was about them that said their husband was the one opened my eyes. For awhile, I thought I was blocking my own blessings but after watching this, I know that my blessing hasn’t come just yet.

Black Love

We talk about waiting for x amount of time before we get married and some of these couples have gotten engaged within months of meeting each other. In today’s society, that’s almost unheard of, especially in my generation. You hear all these quotes about what marriage is about until you hear it from the source, then it sounds a lot different. For some, it was obvious, for others it didn’t feel right. What matters is, they took a chance on each other and it paid off. I wonder if fear is what keeps my peers from going after what they want.

Be upfront about your intentions.

It’s important to be upfront about your intentions with whoever it is that you’re dating. Let them know upfront what you have going on in your world. Always give them an option. Ladies, be upfront about what you want. Don’t play second fiddle when you know you want to be home base. It may not be his home base but someone will do right by you. To hear Black men talk about the love they have for their women so openly was such a breath of fresh air as well. The times we’re living in constantly promote the “no feelings” trend or the “I don’t save these hoes” attitude.

These men dropped gems for an entire hour. They talked about the importance of having a good woman by your side. When you have a good woman, it doesn’t matter what’s going on, you’ll be good. Your life could be complete shit but with a good woman, you’ll be straight. With the right one, you can conquer the world. I feel like the entire cast of Insecure needs to watch this docuseries. Keep in mind that whoever you end up with isn’t going to check off all your boxes on your build-a-man wishlist. That just isn’t realistic. You have to be able to look at a person and say “I love you, despite all your mess.” That’s real. You have to love someone even with all their mess. Because that mess, is apart of who they are, and you have to love them as a whole.


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