That’s right, Lil B TheBasedGod is back ya’ll.

First of all, keep your hatin ass comments to yourself. I honestly never thought I’d be writing about Lil B. To be even more honest, I never took him seriously. I like a certain kind of music, I have an old soul and Lil B doesn’t fit in that criteria. However, this hour and a half project he just dropped wasn’t that bad, to say the least. Can we not all agree that Lil B TheBasedGod was the pioneer to the entire microwave rap era? He was in the driver’s seat for this entire mumble shit that the kids listen to today. Don’t you dare say he didn’t. If you say no, you my friend, are tripping. How dare you disrespect Lil B TheBasedGod. This is the same guy that went toe to toe with Joe Budden. And he actually did pretty well.

Give the album a try, you might actually like it. Look, you don’t believe me, listen to it yourself and let me know your thoughts. Tracklist is below:


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