“I’m not getting no woot woots on my phone yet.” – Issa

You’ve had enough time to watch Insecure, it’s Monday – I don’t want to hear shit. Now, let’s discuss last night’s episode. That had to be THE MOST AWKWARD dinner I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I am so over Issa and Molly, especially Molly. Look, Daniel clearly likes Issa. It is obvious he cares about her, Issa just be on some other shit. I still don’t understand why she overreacted to getting cum in her face. Get over it girl. Daniel couldn’t control himself. Obviously that class she took was worth it. That is the entire point of oral sex. It wasn’t hella disrespectful.

Now, moving on to Molly. How DARE you give Dro a key to your apartment. He’s not your man girl. Only people that are yours, exclusively, should get a key to your place. He is still married. It’s not going to change, and its clear as day that he loves his wife. Than you have the nerve to regift Lil Rel’s popcorn from Chicago. Hella disrespectful. I will say that I do like them pointing out Molly’s fight to get paid just as much as her straight white-male counterpart. I think a number of Black women working in corporate American can relate to this issue. Now, back to the bullshit.

Lawrence is hella disrespectful.

Lawrence and Arpana have something going on. Not quite sure what, but something is definitely going on there. He tells Arpana he wants to take it slow but then takes her to an intimate dinner party with friends knowing your ex is going to be there. What? How dare you. He didn’t even really invite her, she invited herself. Which is even worse. Fast forward to the actual dinner. Tiffany ol’ bourgeois ass assigned seats at the table. Dro showed up with Candice, which Molly was made aware of before the dinner so she knew what to expect.

Since he is married, he was giving his wife clear PDA as married people do. Kelli brings the same guy that fingered her under the table in Episode 4 and Issa brings her brother. When Lawrence walks in with Arpana, you can hear a pen drop in the room because that’s how quiet it gets. You can cut the tension with a knife.

Not only did he bring a plus one and not tell anybody, Derrick had to go get an extra chair. Which forced an entire side of the table to shift and only added on to the awkwardness of the entire situation. When Dro gets up to go to the bathroom, Molly being the sidepiece that she is, sneaks off to follow him and complain about being a sidepiece. Baby girl, you know what you signed up for. You knew she was coming. Dro is so smooth, he apologizes and talks about “them” which I didn’t know there was a “them.” Which of course leads Dro to blowing her back on a public bathroom sink. Ehhh. Do better sis. How unsanitary is that? Issa storms out the party after she can’t take watching Lawrence and Arpana getting close and showing affection to each other.

Hella disrespectful argument.

Lawrence follows her out and the MOST DISRESPECTFUL argument ensues. I feel like when people are hurt, they say extremely hurtful things. Which is exactly what Lawrence and Issa did to each other. When Lawrence goes to apologize for bring Arpana, Issa goes in. She brings up him blocking her on Facebook and he shoots back about being tired of seeing pictures of her with Daniel. Which, I can understand. He then proceeds to ask if she is still sleeping with him, which she is, but that really isn’t his business anymore. Issa brings up Tasha and how he was sleeping with both of them at the same time. Lawrence is moving way too fast and he’s also not taking responsibility for his part in the break up. Issa brings up woot woot and how she hasn’t gotten any “woot woots on her phone yet” and it clearly hurt Lawrence.

That was a very below the belt remark. She complains about spending two years supporting Lawrence through his depression and he calls her a hoe. Which I would’ve slapped the shit out of him for and when Arpana comes outside, they storm off. The amount of low blows during this argument are too many to count. You never bring up old things that you know are going to hurt a person in a relationship. I just want to see what happens during the season finale. There are so many open ended questions that I need answers for immediately. 


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