That was a lot for 45 minutes.

So, the Insecure season finale aired last night. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it just yet. The episode was written by show creator and executive producer Issa Rae. The show gives hella perspective from each of the 3 main characters: Issa, Molly, and Lawrence.

Let me just say that the writing for this episode was impeccable – kudos to you Issa. Now, on to the foolishness that is Insecure. After last week’s episode of pure disrespect it was good to see people coming back down to their right minds. Issa decides to move out of the apartment she shares with Lawrence. Lawrence is still moving way too fast with Aparna. I think he needs to take some time to be alone and really figure out what went wrong and recognize his part – which he has yet to do yet.

Lawrence finds out that Aparna and Colin used to sleep together and he’s clearly jealous. When the two are on their way to a movie, Aparna is laughing at something on her phone and Lawrence makes a comment about it being Colin. It wasn’t, it was her sister. See why I say you’re moving too fast. You’re projecting your feelings on to this new relationship dude.

Get out of the should and live in the could.

Molly decides to go get what she’s worth and interview with different firms. I’m so happy she finally went to therapy. Pastor’s body aka Quentin aka Lil Rel Howery is in town visiting and he is clearly feeling her. Unfortunately, Molly doesn’t feel anything in return. I don’t care how great a guy is, if there’s no chemistry, there may never be any. Granted, that can change but I highly doubt it will for Quentin. Dro sends that “I miss you text” and for some reason, Molly can’t escape him. After a late night working with Quentin, Molly decides to see if there is any chemistry between them by sleeping him and needless to say, it wasn’t that great. When she meets up with Issa and shows her his picture Issa replies with “oh, he’s got a beard.” My sentiments exactly.

When she meets up with Kelli and Issa, they discuss the pros and cons of working with a black firm or a white firm. Molly feels like the black firm gets her, which I’m sure they do but she’s already put in time at the MJNS. Kelli talks about how working with Black folks can get too personal while on the other hand you have to make white folks feel more comfortable about you. Forcing you to explain outfits and hair choices. When Molly meets with her firm, they tell her they don’t want to lose her but instead of coughing up the bag, they want to give her the “Rising Star Award.” What type of bullshit is that? Molly, secure the bag girl. Major key.

Closure is needed sometimes.

Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that Tiffany and Derek are expecting. Random. I love how everyone’s paths cross during this episode. They all notice each other living their lives differently and the effects it has on each person is interesting. Issa goes to support Kelli at her marathon and notices Lawrence with Aparna. It clearly bothered her. When the girls are gathered to support Kelli after she gets her period during the race, Tiffany goes around the circle calling out all the great things they each have going on.

When she gets to Issa, she can’t think of anything – no one can. Issa finally tells her boss about Vice Principal Gaines discriminating against the Latino students. Which she should’ve done a long time ago. Her boss tells her that she will make a few phone calls and that they need to reevaluate having Issa in the field. Especially since having segregated sessions could result in a lawsuit. Freida tried to tell her a long time ago.

Issa decides to have a yard sale before she moves in with her brother. Due to the gentrification going on in Inglewood aka I-wood she can’t afford her rent anymore. Eddie walks up and is more sad that he can no longer use her wifi than he is about her actually moving. See why you don’t give it up to strangers? You need to listen kids. Lawrence stops by after she calls to give him the couch and the talk that should’ve happened at that dinner party – happens now. Her brother takes her over so she can do a final walk through and he’s in the kitchen.

Its time they put things into perspective.

Lawrence and Issa should have been better to each other. They finally talk about Issa’s cheating and Lawrence finally owns up to his part of their failed relationship. Perspective. I think this is life. You have to go through some shit to figure things out and that’s what they both did. They love each other very much and its time they move forward, whether they get back together or not – its time. They go through this entire dream segment of what could have happened if none of this bullshit ever happened. Issa and Lawrence get married, they have kids and live happily ever after. When Issa’s brother calls, he says what she needs to hear “Bitch, your time’s been up.” Its time to move on.

Molly and Issa are each other’s support system. They have a moroccan themed dinner party since Issa couldn’t afford to go to Morocco after her car got totaled. Friends are supposed to support you through your darkest times which is exactly what Molly did for Issa. She needed her, and Molly showed up. Lawrence extends the olive branch by sending Issa and Facebook friend request. And just when I thought these two were getting their shit together, more bullshit insues.

Issa goes to stay with Daniel instead of her brother. She should’ve stayed with Molly. Molly on the other hand continues to see Dro. Have ya’ll not learned anything from this entire season at all? It’s about growth. Every time I think we’ve gotten somewhere, Issa and Molly prove me wrong. Well, I can’t wait to see what bullshit ensues next season. Lord. I’m going to pray for these women. Issa and Molly need Jesus.




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