I know, I’m late but I’m so glad I was introduced to him!

Ya’ll my R&B life was made today. I was watching/listening to The Joe Budden Podcast – you know I love him and every episode they play what they like to call “sleepers.” Each host: Joe, Rory, and Mal, play a song that you may not be privy to just yet. Now, as an R&B head, I’m usually pretty aware of the songs they play but every now and then a few people fall through the cracks. Hence why I’m just hearing about Elhae. Elhae’s Aura II is an album that gives me SZA mixed with 6lack, and Daniel Ceasar vibes. Its an album you can make love and smoke weed too which most albums aren’t capable of doing. Usually, its one or the other but never both.

Elhae’s Aura II is worth several listens.

I listened to the album from top to bottom while meal prepping and it’s phenomenal. It’s rare you find an album that you can listen to straight through and you don’t have to skip a thing. It’s not something you come by. On top of that, there are only three features on the entire album. Its slapping. In an era where artists are releasing feature heavy records, to have an album with very few features is welcomed. Everything from the beats to the melody is bomb. I could go on and on about it myself, but the tracklist is below. A couple of my favorites are “something” and “slip and fall” featuring Eric Bellinger. Take a listen for yourself.


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