Freudian can be our entire wedding playlist.

Ya’ll, I listened to Daniel Caesar’s album Freudian at work today and it took everything in me not to sing out loud. The boy is talented. Super talented. Almost to the point where its scary. His vocal range is untouchable. The only artists I can see in that realm are The Weeknd, and maybe DVSN. Its a small group. The way he meshes melodies together combined with the his very soft yet very textured vocals is EVERYTHING. Its a vibe that makes me want to run barefoot through grass fields smoking a fat blunt picking flowers. I want to grow locs just because of this album. It is so good. His music is powerful without being overpowering. Freudian gives you just the right amount of chills before you get cold. I’ll hold you down Daniel, any day of the week. I really need ya’ll to listen to this album, I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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