“No more rollin with an entourage, unless its Pun and the Terror Squad.” – Big Pun Ft. Joe

So, the VH1 Hip Hop Honors aired on Monday night and boy did it bring back so many memories. The 90s decade was such a defining decade in Hip Hop culture. It has molded so many artists and sounds that you still here today. If you look at artists like Teyana Taylor and Mack Wilds who draw their inspiration from the 90s its clear that the decade defined so much more than its given credit.

I’m a 90s baby, born in 93′ to be exact and I can honestly say that we had such great times back then. Everything from the music to the way we dressed, it was lit. From the baggy jeans to the dad caps which have all made a comeback by the way, was a staple during that time. Watching the show made me realize just how much the 90s plays a part in today’s culture. They honored Martin Lawrence, who set the stage for black sitcoms and television shows that we know and love today such as Insecure or even Fresh Prince of Bel – Air.

They even went so far to honor Hype Williams who was responsible for 90% of your favorite videos of the decade. Being honored by Pharrell,  who dropped quite a bit of knowledge that needed to be heard. They ran through his resume. The man has classics under his belt that even I didn’t know about. He’s worked with the greats, from Biggie, to Wu Tang, to Diddy, and Mary J. Blige. Hype is a legend. Don’t ever disrespect him.

Missy Elliot shut the Hip Hop Honors down.

I almost forgot to mention the best part of the show. The legend and living icon Missy Elliott opened the show and shut shit down. Some people may disagree with me here but Missy Elliott is slept on far too often in music. As a 90s baby, I fully know the repertoire of music Missy has in her collection. From “Pass That Dutch” to “Minute Man,” Missy been showing these bitches how to do it for nearly two decades. Don’t you ever get it twisted.

Hip Hop HonorsThe Hip Hop Honors did have a few misses though. I fully understood them putting a melody of songs together but there is not way you can fit an entire decade into an hour and ten minutes of a show. Than they had Kandi and Tiny perform “No Scrubs” but I’m sure T-boz and Chili wouldn’t have minded to be included in the tribute. Also, the music they decided to put in the melodies weren’t cohesive. It didn’t make sense. If anything they should have made the show longer to allow for the the lineup to flow better.