Don’t require someone to be in shape when you look like a busted can of biscuits.

I was having a conversation with my coworker/friend (I told him I was writing about him today) and we had quite the conversation. He was talking about the women he was seeing and he showed me a picture of one of them with a friend. I had never seen this woman so I didn’t know which one she was. One was BBW and the other was pretty thin. When I asked him which one she was, he proceeds to say ” the skinny one, you know I don’t date big girls.” I said “Dude, you like big girls, what are you talking about?” He said “I’ll take one down but I won’t see her like that, you have to be a little more in shape for me.” Now – here is where shit gets tricky. He is not the most in shape person at all. In fact, we argue with him all the time about him taking better care of himself. You can’t have high standards when you don’t meet them yourself.

If you don’t bring anything to the table, you don’t eat.

Listen, you cannot ask anyone what they bring to the table when you all you have is paper and plastic. Make sure, before you ask, that you at least have a place setting. You need the napkins, plates, salad fork, knives, steak knives, and place mat. Don’t bring a red solo cup to an elegant dinner party. The fuck is wrong with you. This goes for men and women too, not just the fellas. Ladies, you need to have something. You can’t expect a man to take care of you if he’s getting his shit together. That’s an issue too. Its too many women out here trying to make a dude take care of them when they can’t even or won’t even try to take care of themselves. I truly don’t understand. In the words of Charlamagne Tha God (my best friend in my head) “Ya’ll out here trying to be bad and boujee – the grammatical errors here, are just… I can’t – when you need to be fine and frugal.”

My whole point is, make sure, whatever it is that you require from a partner, you have that same thing or are working towards that. Don’t require anything that you don’t have yourself. You can’t have high standards when you can’t even touch the bar. Be humble.