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Puerto Rico is the perfect blend of Caribbean and American culture. Although it technically is an American territory, it still has its Caribbean culture I absolutely loved Puerto Rico when I went and there is just so much to do that I still don’t think I’ve done everything and I’ve been twice. Here are my top four things to see in Puerto Rico.

1. Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

This goes without saying, old San Juan is absolutely beautiful. From the cobblestone streets to the old buildings, it is absolutely beautiful. There are so many little shops to wander into that I don’t think I’ve seen everything yet. Be sure to check out one of the local restaurants for some authentic Puerto Rican  cuisine that will blow your mind.

Puerto Rico
Old San Juan

2. The Rain Forest

The El Yunque Rain Forest is breathtaking. We ended up taking a tour there one day and I loved it. The altitude is quite high so expect for your ears to pop on the way up. I’m an animal lover so being able to wildlife always makes me happy. We were able to stop at the most beautiful waterfall to take pictures and I still haven’t seen anything that can top it.

3. The Bacardi Rum Distillery

Its an all day alcohol tour, do I really need to say anything else?

4. El Morro

El Morro has some pretty awesome views if you’re willing to work for them. Its a 400 year old fort in Old San Juan that was used to stop other countries from invading. Christopher Columbus originally claimed it for Spain but as we all know, the US eventually claimed it. It is definitely worth exploring if you have the time and you’re already in Old San Juan. You can choose to either take a tour and explore it on your own. Whatever you decide, be sure to wear some good walking shoes. Read more on El Morro here.

Puerto Rico is definitely somewhere that requires a visit if you’re planning any travel. Its an American territory which means you don’t require a passport but it still has its Caribbean rich culture that the world deserves to see.

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