South/Central America


Welcome to Kay’s Korner.

To be honest, my Costa Rica trip was just a random adventure that fell in my lap. I was talking to a friend one day and she invited me to Costa Rica for her mom’s birthday. Me being me, I was like uhhh… hell yea I’ll go to Costa Rica, you can’t scare me with a good time. So, I booked a round trip flight for $160, yes I said $160 and I was on my way. I don’t recommend flying Spirit airlines, but I was in a time crunch, so I figured, why not.

When it comes to Spirit, you never, I mean NEVER, check a bag unless you absolutely have to. They charge for EVERYTHING. Don’t believe me? You can get a list of all the things Spirit charges for here. Since I was only going for about 4 days, I put everything in my carry – on. We missed our flight – partially my fault, partially Spirit – but we ended up getting on another flight later that day. Fast forward to hours later – we arrived.

We stayed in San Jose which is the pacific side of the island, in other words, the nearest beach is about an hour away. If you want to stay near the beach, your best bet is to fly into Liberia however, it is more expensive so prepare you pockets for impact. San Jose is beautiful, the weather is amazing in April, not too hot and not too cold. The downside, it did start getting dark around 6:30 every night.

We went zip lining and as a person who is deathly afraid of heights, even I couldn’t deny the views in the forest. I had the most fun I’d had in a long time. The following day, we headed out to Jaco Beach, which is the closest beach to San Jose. It wasn’t crowded at all which is hard to find in the caribbean. The water was so warm you could bathe in it honey.

On our last day, we went to the hot springs, which was quite a drive away, it was practically on the other side of the island. It was right next to the Arenal volcano which kind of looks like a man, nevertheless, still beautiful. The hot springs could be described as heated pools with waterfalls that are photoshoot and selfie approved.

Last, but not least, the food. Oh the food!! I had some of the best fruit that I have ever had in my life. The watermelon – melt in your mouth sweet. I should’ve shipped some back home. That is how good it is. The seafood – one word – awesome. There are so many different places to eat and little hidden gems that no one knows about.

All in all – I’ll be making a trip back to Costa Rica – next time, it’ll be on the caribbean side.

With Love,

Que xo.