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We’ve been married for years, I even gave up my life back home to be with him. Two kids later and he still makes me feel like I don’t matter.

It’s the holidays, I want to see my family and he keeps refusing. No matter how much I plead and how much I ask, the answer is still no. Mama didn’t raise no fool but damn I wish she were here for me to get some advice.

Phone Rings – It’s his best friend


“Hey girl!”

“Hey you! What’s going on?”

“Nothing much, where’s your husband at?”

“Let me get him for you.”

Arthur! I scream for him to answer the phone but something tells me this phone call is going to be more than just a general check up, so I’m eavesdropping.

“Hey boy,” I hear my husband say.

“What’s up, bruh?” his friend says back.

“He sighs, ahh man, nothing much, me and Gina going through it right now.”

“What’s going on bruh?”

“She wants to go see her family and I’m not with it, and I don’t know why she keeps fighting me on it, I’m not going up and down that road.”

“Why won’t you go see her family?”

“Because I don’t want to go.”

See, I’ve had enough; I’m tired of hearing this shit. I have got to say something.

“You know what the problem is, you make me feel like shit because I want to go!”

He ends the conversation and storms upstairs.

He grabs his coat and his keys and leaves. I’m okay with that, I’ve been in this marriage by myself for so long it feels the same whether he’s here or not.

I hate fighting in front of the kids but my daughter is watching and I refuse to let her see me get treated like shit. We don’t lay down and shut up around these parts.

I grab my computer to look up ticket prices, whether he’s coming or not, I’m going to see my family. We’ve been married for years, I even gave up my life back home to be with him. Two kids later, and whether he treats me like it or not, I matter. I’m using his credit card, taking my daughter, and I’m going home. Finally.