Shut up, I know I’m late.

I had to get my thoughts together first. Now, that they are, I’ve got a few reasons why I should’ve been invited to the Lemon Pepper Wings Kickback. Otherwise known as the blackest party ever.

1. I’m black too.

This was a black excellence gathering. It really should’ve been every hard working black person in the city of Atlanta that ain’t got no felonies. Who doesn’t love a Lemon Pepper Wings Kickback? I’m just saying. C’mon Issa and Yvonne, ya’ll know I should’ve came. It’s called the Lemon Pepper Wings Kickback for goodness sake. There should’ve been a fist illuminated in the sky like the bat symbol so all the educated black people knew where they needed to go. Donald Glover was there, hey bae. Mack Wilds was there, hey future husband. I’m super tight about this.

2. Samuel L. Jackson was in attendance.

Anywhere that Samuel L. Jackson is at is where I need to be. That n*gga makes every f*ckin curse word sound amazing. He’s also been in damn near every movie you can think of, really. Think about all the movies you’ve watched in your lifetime, I can almost guarantee you that Sammy has been in half of them. The dude is f*cking amazing. I wish I could’ve just been in his presence. That man is more than slept on. People always mention Denzel but don’t you ever forget Samuel L. mufuckin’ Jackson. You hear me?

3. It’s called a Lemon Pepper Wings Kickback.

My nigga friend, if that’s not THEE blackest shit you’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is. I pride myself on owning and embracing my melanin infused skin. Who doesn’t love lemon pepper wings? Well, if I’m being honest, I don’t care for them HOWEVER, I will eat the shit out of some honey barbecue. Ya’ll know that shit is good.


That was a lot for 45 minutes.

So, the Insecure season finale aired last night. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it just yet. The episode was written by show creator and executive producer Issa Rae. The show gives hella perspective from each of the 3 main characters: Issa, Molly, and Lawrence.

Let me just say that the writing for this episode was impeccable – kudos to you Issa. Now, on to the foolishness that is Insecure. After last week’s episode of pure disrespect it was good to see people coming back down to their right minds. Issa decides to move out of the apartment she shares with Lawrence. Lawrence is still moving way too fast with Aparna. I think he needs to take some time to be alone and really figure out what went wrong and recognize his part – which he has yet to do yet.

Lawrence finds out that Aparna and Colin used to sleep together and he’s clearly jealous. When the two are on their way to a movie, Aparna is laughing at something on her phone and Lawrence makes a comment about it being Colin. It wasn’t, it was her sister. See why I say you’re moving too fast. You’re projecting your feelings on to this new relationship dude.

Get out of the should and live in the could.

Molly decides to go get what she’s worth and interview with different firms. I’m so happy she finally went to therapy. Pastor’s body aka Quentin aka Lil Rel Howery is in town visiting and he is clearly feeling her. Unfortunately, Molly doesn’t feel anything in return. I don’t care how great a guy is, if there’s no chemistry, there may never be any. Granted, that can change but I highly doubt it will for Quentin. Dro sends that “I miss you text” and for some reason, Molly can’t escape him. After a late night working with Quentin, Molly decides to see if there is any chemistry between them by sleeping him and needless to say, it wasn’t that great. When she meets up with Issa and shows her his picture Issa replies with “oh, he’s got a beard.” My sentiments exactly.

When she meets up with Kelli and Issa, they discuss the pros and cons of working with a black firm or a white firm. Molly feels like the black firm gets her, which I’m sure they do but she’s already put in time at the MJNS. Kelli talks about how working with Black folks can get too personal while on the other hand you have to make white folks feel more comfortable about you. Forcing you to explain outfits and hair choices. When Molly meets with her firm, they tell her they don’t want to lose her but instead of coughing up the bag, they want to give her the “Rising Star Award.” What type of bullshit is that? Molly, secure the bag girl. Major key.

Closure is needed sometimes.

Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that Tiffany and Derek are expecting. Random. I love how everyone’s paths cross during this episode. They all notice each other living their lives differently and the effects it has on each person is interesting. Issa goes to support Kelli at her marathon and notices Lawrence with Aparna. It clearly bothered her. When the girls are gathered to support Kelli after she gets her period during the race, Tiffany goes around the circle calling out all the great things they each have going on.

When she gets to Issa, she can’t think of anything – no one can. Issa finally tells her boss about Vice Principal Gaines discriminating against the Latino students. Which she should’ve done a long time ago. Her boss tells her that she will make a few phone calls and that they need to reevaluate having Issa in the field. Especially since having segregated sessions could result in a lawsuit. Freida tried to tell her a long time ago.

Issa decides to have a yard sale before she moves in with her brother. Due to the gentrification going on in Inglewood aka I-wood she can’t afford her rent anymore. Eddie walks up and is more sad that he can no longer use her wifi than he is about her actually moving. See why you don’t give it up to strangers? You need to listen kids. Lawrence stops by after she calls to give him the couch and the talk that should’ve happened at that dinner party – happens now. Her brother takes her over so she can do a final walk through and he’s in the kitchen.

Its time they put things into perspective.

Lawrence and Issa should have been better to each other. They finally talk about Issa’s cheating and Lawrence finally owns up to his part of their failed relationship. Perspective. I think this is life. You have to go through some shit to figure things out and that’s what they both did. They love each other very much and its time they move forward, whether they get back together or not – its time. They go through this entire dream segment of what could have happened if none of this bullshit ever happened. Issa and Lawrence get married, they have kids and live happily ever after. When Issa’s brother calls, he says what she needs to hear “Bitch, your time’s been up.” Its time to move on.

Molly and Issa are each other’s support system. They have a moroccan themed dinner party since Issa couldn’t afford to go to Morocco after her car got totaled. Friends are supposed to support you through your darkest times which is exactly what Molly did for Issa. She needed her, and Molly showed up. Lawrence extends the olive branch by sending Issa and Facebook friend request. And just when I thought these two were getting their shit together, more bullshit insues.

Issa goes to stay with Daniel instead of her brother. She should’ve stayed with Molly. Molly on the other hand continues to see Dro. Have ya’ll not learned anything from this entire season at all? It’s about growth. Every time I think we’ve gotten somewhere, Issa and Molly prove me wrong. Well, I can’t wait to see what bullshit ensues next season. Lord. I’m going to pray for these women. Issa and Molly need Jesus.



“I’m not getting no woot woots on my phone yet.” – Issa

You’ve had enough time to watch Insecure, it’s Monday – I don’t want to hear shit. Now, let’s discuss last night’s episode. That had to be THE MOST AWKWARD dinner I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I am so over Issa and Molly, especially Molly. Look, Daniel clearly likes Issa. It is obvious he cares about her, Issa just be on some other shit. I still don’t understand why she overreacted to getting cum in her face. Get over it girl. Daniel couldn’t control himself. Obviously that class she took was worth it. That is the entire point of oral sex. It wasn’t hella disrespectful.

Now, moving on to Molly. How DARE you give Dro a key to your apartment. He’s not your man girl. Only people that are yours, exclusively, should get a key to your place. He is still married. It’s not going to change, and its clear as day that he loves his wife. Than you have the nerve to regift Lil Rel’s popcorn from Chicago. Hella disrespectful. I will say that I do like them pointing out Molly’s fight to get paid just as much as her straight white-male counterpart. I think a number of Black women working in corporate American can relate to this issue. Now, back to the bullshit.

Lawrence is hella disrespectful.

Lawrence and Arpana have something going on. Not quite sure what, but something is definitely going on there. He tells Arpana he wants to take it slow but then takes her to an intimate dinner party with friends knowing your ex is going to be there. What? How dare you. He didn’t even really invite her, she invited herself. Which is even worse. Fast forward to the actual dinner. Tiffany ol’ bourgeois ass assigned seats at the table. Dro showed up with Candice, which Molly was made aware of before the dinner so she knew what to expect.

Since he is married, he was giving his wife clear PDA as married people do. Kelli brings the same guy that fingered her under the table in Episode 4 and Issa brings her brother. When Lawrence walks in with Arpana, you can hear a pen drop in the room because that’s how quiet it gets. You can cut the tension with a knife.

Not only did he bring a plus one and not tell anybody, Derrick had to go get an extra chair. Which forced an entire side of the table to shift and only added on to the awkwardness of the entire situation. When Dro gets up to go to the bathroom, Molly being the sidepiece that she is, sneaks off to follow him and complain about being a sidepiece. Baby girl, you know what you signed up for. You knew she was coming. Dro is so smooth, he apologizes and talks about “them” which I didn’t know there was a “them.” Which of course leads Dro to blowing her back on a public bathroom sink. Ehhh. Do better sis. How unsanitary is that? Issa storms out the party after she can’t take watching Lawrence and Arpana getting close and showing affection to each other.

Hella disrespectful argument.

Lawrence follows her out and the MOST DISRESPECTFUL argument ensues. I feel like when people are hurt, they say extremely hurtful things. Which is exactly what Lawrence and Issa did to each other. When Lawrence goes to apologize for bring Arpana, Issa goes in. She brings up him blocking her on Facebook and he shoots back about being tired of seeing pictures of her with Daniel. Which, I can understand. He then proceeds to ask if she is still sleeping with him, which she is, but that really isn’t his business anymore. Issa brings up Tasha and how he was sleeping with both of them at the same time. Lawrence is moving way too fast and he’s also not taking responsibility for his part in the break up. Issa brings up woot woot and how she hasn’t gotten any “woot woots on her phone yet” and it clearly hurt Lawrence.

That was a very below the belt remark. She complains about spending two years supporting Lawrence through his depression and he calls her a hoe. Which I would’ve slapped the shit out of him for and when Arpana comes outside, they storm off. The amount of low blows during this argument are too many to count. You never bring up old things that you know are going to hurt a person in a relationship. I just want to see what happens during the season finale. There are so many open ended questions that I need answers for immediately. 

Highly Entertained.

Insecure aired on Sunday night and boy was it interesting. There’s just something about this show that relates way to close to my own life. Nevertheless, the shit was fire, per usual. This episode found some characters dealing with changes, especially Molly and others exploring new beginnings.

Let’s break it down shall we? This episode found Issa and Daniel back on good terms and continuing their sexual relationship. Why am I not surprised? It is so obvious that he is feeling her way more than she’s feeling him. Issa is clearly on a “no feelings” vibe. I respect it. Sometimes, after a long relationship, it helps to just date around for awhile without getting attached to anyone. You really have to sit and figure your shit out. Understandable.

Lawrence, meanwhile, is trying to serve jury duty and stalk Issa and Daniel on Facebook at the same damn time. Concentrate Lawrence. Frida still ain’t here for Issa. Which I totally understand, but it is kind of hard for black people to be racist. Unfortunately, Black people don’t really have that privilege of getting upset over certain comments made. There are bigger battles to win for us. I know you all saw what happened in Charlottesville. We have so much more work to do.

Get It Together, Lawrence.

Molly and Dro still have that weird sexual tension. When Molly heads to her parents house for their vow renewal ceremony, Dro pops up to clear the air about “kiss n grind.” He asks Molly if she ever considered them being together and of course she has but there’s just one giant problem, Dro is still married. Regardless, Dro makes lets Molly know that they will still be friends. I can’t help but pick up on the chemistry between them. It’s clear that the two of them have so much in common and they’re friends. Which is the most important part of any relationship.

Issa heads on a date with Nico, the fine Latino from Tinder. Things clearly go well and Issa can add another spin to her hotation while also snapping neighbor bae Eddie. She’s so caught up in her DMs that she gets a dick pick while driving and rear ends a truck. Texting and driving is not the move. After calling a tow truck, she calls Daniel to let him know what happened and of course he offers to pick her up. As any real man should do.

She quickly picks up on Daniel’s feelings and reminds him of his position in the friend zone. Which just creates an incredibly awkward situation. Issa’s about to have an entire starting lineup with a sixth man. Respect. Plus, these white people at Issa’s job get on my damn nerves. They are all so clueless, except my girl Frida, of course. Even though she’s being just a little overdramatic at this point. Have the conversation and move on, don’t hold grudges.

Damn, Molly.

Molly invites Lionel to her parent’s party. Yep, the same Lionel she has no chemistry with. The same Lionel she ghosted on a few episodes ago. Yes, they check off all each other’s boxes but they clearly aren’t feeling each other. Molly’s brother even picks up on it. He asks the most obvious question too “if you ain’t feeling this nigga than why you with him?” My sentiments exactly. Molly wants a relationship like her parent’s when she should just want a relationship of her own. There are no rules in love. Create your own kind of love instead of trying to recreate someone else’s. The replica is never as good as the original. Dro comes by of course and Candice is nowhere in sight. She just so happens to be at a bachelorette party. How convenient. 

After Lawrence gets dismissed from jury duty, he meets up with Derek. Can the congregation just gather around this man and ask God to bless him for giving Lawrence the truth for once. I love Chad but Derek told Lawrence the truth. He’s over here blaming Issa for their failed relationship but he has yet to take the blame for his part in the situation. Which is exactly why Derek is around. He kindly reminds Lawrence that he was unemployed for TWO years and sitting on a couch trying to figure his life out while Issa held him down. It’s not his fault she cheated but you can’t blame her for being attracted to someone with ambitions and goals. Look in the mirror sir. Hence why you still don’t have any furniture and you’re using and card table and a desk.

No Really, Damn Molly.

After one of her aunt’s says a little too much, Molly learns that her father cheated on her mother. She throws the granddaddy of temper tantrums. This is why you can’t have such unattainable expectations when it comes to love and relationships. Some of the couples that you look up to have been through some shit. More than you will probably ever know. Create your own happiness. Stop striving for someone else’s. As she storms out the house, she passes both Dro and Lionel. This is where I really stop liking Lionel. He didn’t run after her. There was a quick moment between Dro and Lionel to decide who was going to go after Molly. Dro did.

At the end of the day, he’s still her friend. He drives her back to her hotel in her car, providing a listening ear the entire way. Molly quickly learns that trying to find her dad in a man, isn’t always the way to go. Dro’s smooth talking ass has all the right words for the moment. “You’re just trying to find someone who loves you, and make you happy. You should.” Perfection. Dro walks her to the door and says he’s going to take a lyft home, doesn’t try anything. He turns to walk a way and Molly grabs his arm which of course, leads to sex. I just wish Molly would have talked to Candice first. Something about this whole situation seems so off to me. We’ll just have to wait until next week.

Did you guys watch it? Let me know your thoughts.

Insecure is hella real. Sunday night’s episode was all about the “Kiss n Grind.” Insecure is one of those shows that does an amazing job in accurately portraying people of color and what exactly we go through in this “situationship” era.  Major shout out to their show runner Prentice Penny for directing and Laura Kittrell for writing the funniest episode of Insecure to date. You both inspire me. Pause, can we just talk about the fashion choices made in the show. I am here for it all. Back to the episode, Issa, Kelli, and Molly head to the LA day party known as the “kiss n grind” and all types of messiness ensues. I thought I wasn’t going to see Daniel this season but he is back. Issa spots him through the crowd and decides to clear the air which just causes even more awkwardness. Let it be Issa. 

Once they arrive, they head to their section and the scene that follows is every black woman in the club that has a section. Can’t nobody sit in that bitch but the people who paid for it. Get the fuck on somewhere. Molly’s childhood friend Dro, played by Sarunas Jackson – with his fine ass – pops up at the party. It seems like nothing. They talk shit to each other, he scopes out men for her, pretty platonic right? That is, until they hit the dance floor. I mean, there’s just something about Juvenile’s “Slow Motion” that brings the freak out of everyone.

Once Dro puts his arm around Molly’s waist, the sexual tension got thick. Real quick. When Molly feels the tension she decides to call it quits. Tha’s when Dro drops a bomb. He lets Molly know that he and his wife Candice are open. Molly is clearly confused and in disbelief which leads to the perfect rebuttal. “You got married in a church.” Preach, baby. She sees Dro and Candice as relationship goals. You can’t deny tension though. Molly needs to talk to Candice first and I really hope she does. Who knows if he’s telling the truth. Mid – way through “kiss n grind,” Issa meets up with her tinder date Felix. Fuck him. No really, everything about his curve game was super whack. He picked Issa apart. From her voice all the way down to her hair.

We’ll come back to the party. Now, this negro better known as Lawrence is out here living life to the utmost fullest. He makes an illegal u-turn to get out of traffic, gets pulled over, and lives to talk about it. That alone, is a win in my book. He turned his music down and switched the station to classical. Hands on 10 and 2 and eyes straightforward. That is the story of Black America’s relationship with the police. Specifically, Black men in America. In the process of pulling out his license to give to the officer he unknowingly drops his debit card. He doesn’t notice he dropped it until he’s in line at the grocery store trying to pick up some beer.

The two white girls in line behind him decide to pick up the tab, I knew it was about to be some shit right there. White women do not just offer to buy drinks in the grocery store. The two white women find Lawrence in the parking lot and basically drop hints that they are trying to see what’s really good. Two white girls and one black man, only sounds like one thing to me, a threesome. All it took was for them to buy him $50.00 worth of alcohol and he dove right into the sunken place. Really, Lawrence?

Its not necessarily the fact that it was a threesome, it was the reason for the threesome. They could give a damn if Lawrence was a good dude or not. All they cared about was the stereotype. When Lawrence and the brunette finish together, her blonde friend climbs on top hoping to get a piece for herself. Unfortunately, Lawrence was empty. Once Lawrence finally realizes why he was really there he didn’t feel the best. In fact, I think he felt used. I hope he felt used. He clearly starts questioning his decision. Which is probably why he ends the episode sitting in front of he and Issa’s own apartment. Insecure writers are so great at making this show so relatable.

Issa, Molly, and Kelli eat at Roscoe’s with half of the people that were at the party and some dude Kelli met to end the episode. Kelli is one of my favorite characters on this show. I love her. She’s that friend that says everything you’re thinking. Even the freaky stuff. No, especially the freaky stuff. She makes you want to cover your face and pretend you don’t know her sometimes but she is so necessary. Molly is trying to curve Dro’s advances to the best of her abilites. All of a sudden, Kelli goes quiet. She is being fingered under the table and it is absolutely hilarious. Issa notices this and luckily for her, Daniel notices too. He sends Issa a text to let her know that he is in tune with what is taking place. When they share a laugh Issa moves to go sit with him.

Let me just say this, major kudos to Insecure for introducing so many new themes and directions to this episode. I loved every minute of it. It provided comedic relief that didn’t come off typical or cheesy. Although it was subtle, and very well written. All in all, amazing.